The Story of The Nigeria Cup

    For those who have been around for a while, the story of the famed Nigeria Open Golf Championship and, more importantly, the then Independence Cup have been well documented. They were so popular that every player wanted to be part of it.

    Of course, the highbrow Golf Section of Ikoyi Club 1938 has played host to the event annually. Every year, when golfers drawn from across the world hit the course, the atmosphere turns frenzy; the ambiance around the club making spectators and players alike feeling the day should never go away. 

    It is such that every discerning member of the club wanted to be part of the festival.

    But much later he event stopped. In the absence of the Nigeria Open championship, Ikoyi became a shadow of its former self.

    That missing link got Soji Awogbade and like minds thinking of how to bring back the sparkle and the outcome gave birth to Nigeria Cup.

    The original plan was to stage a tournament that would rival any other in glamour and attendance, as well as an event that will be more interesting than any other at the club in organisation and sponsorship.

    Since its debut about 17 years ago, the Nigeria Cup has surpassed the expectation set by its founding fathers to become the nation’s most sought after event. The tournament now has replicas that come with different names and played in different clubs across the country.

    Each year, the tournament takes on a new appearance with the election of a new vice captain who normally chairs and superintends organisation of the weeklong event.

    Indeed, Awogbade, who is now a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, fittingly served as organizing committee chairman for the maiden Nigeria Cup in 1997 and was followed by Shina Aigoro in 1998 and Ayinde Sanni a year later.

    Last year, Tayo Babalakin also learned firsthand what it takes to put the event together.

    Organisation of the 2013 edition rests on the shoulder of the incumbent Vice Captain and renowned media personality, Ted Iwere, who has steered his committee towards making a huge success of the latest tournament.

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